Industrial segments

We manufacture gears for the following

Raw material and mining industry

Constant system availability in the harshest operating conditions: our gearboxes for the raw material and mining industry are designed and manufactured for these special operational conditions in close cooperation with our customers. Our ...

Cement industry

The gearboxes we develop and manufacture are specifically designed for the harsh conditions in cement works. Our cement industry gearboxes are durable and easy to maintain, while also being relatively lightweight.

We already have suitable ...

Rolling mill technology and metallurgy

We have the right solutions for this harsh industrial segment too. Coiler and Reel gearboxes, pinion gearboxes, diver gearboxes, straightening machine gearboxes, mill and dryer gearboxes, scissor gearboxes, roller conveyor gearboxes and ...

Marine and offshore technology, shipbuilding, shipyard industry

Our tradition of manufacturing propeller gearboxes and generator gearboxes (marine gearboxes) spans more than 50 years. Each and every project aims to deliver maximum quality and precision taking into account all of the customer’s specific ...

Materials handling technology

A wide range of gearbox types with different properties are used in materials handling technology. What all of the gearboxes have in common is that they must be robust and reliable! Whether drive or hoisting gearbox in mobile systems or ...

Kneading and mixing technology

Our mixing and kneading gearboxes are particularly powerful and robust when it comes to both providing the necessary torque for mixing and kneading and withstanding the prolonged backpressure, especially with highly viscous media.

Of ...

Energy, oil and petrochemical industry

Low-vibration at maximum speed: our turbo spur wheel and turbo planetary gearboxes for fast running work machines (turbines, compressors, generators, etc.) are subject to the most stringent quality standards during their design and ...

Wind and water power technology

We do our bit for the environment too!

We make new gearboxes and repair old gearboxes by various manufacturers for the renewable energy industry. ...

Gears for mobile equipment

Our rotation and slewing gearboxes are made up of modules from a tried and tested assembly system. The planetary kits are also used in integrated winch and industrial gearboxes and are therefore very economical to manufacture. ...

General machine construction

Of course, we also produce a wide range of gearbox types (such as test bench gearboxes) for general machine and plant construction. If you haven’t yet found the right drive solution in the industrial segments listed, we will be happy to ...

This year we were able to manufacture and deliver the second gear assembly for a well-known German customer in the area of shaft construction. The acceptance of the function test was again carried out in a time-saving manner via video conference.

At the end of August 2021, another 5 MP032D06 planetary gearboxes were delivered to our Belgian customer. In the meantime, 4 hydropower plants in Belgium have already been equipped with our gearboxes. Another 6 gearboxes of the type MP032D06 have already been ordered for 2022.

On August 19th, 2021, the test run for a SAG mill gearbox of the type MS135B06/01 was successfully carried out. Our gearbox, for a SAG mill 5.5 x 2.5 m, replaces an old gearbox of the type D2PSF90 from the manufacturer "moventas". All connection and fitting dimensions have been retained so that a simple 1:1 exchange on site is possible.

This is another project that we were able to successfully implement with our Russian partner "Sever Minerals". Further gearboxes of the same type have already been ordered by our partner and are currently in production.

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With the help of our Design department, we find solutions for the diverse challenges facing our customers every day. Our gearboxes go through a particularly thorough manufacturing ...


We have several production sites in Germany for gearboxes and winches, as well as our own foundry and hardening shop. ...

Custom parts

Thanks to our extensive machinery for gearbox production, we are also able to produce all types of replacement parts for gearboxes by other manufacturers: from shafts, axles, ...