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by GearTec AG

We were allowed to process a 2-piece welded mill girth gear, module 25, for a well-known plant manufacturer from Austria.

Our task was the complete machinig of the welded semi-finished product provided by the customer.

In order to minimize component distortions during processing as far as possible, all work steps (turning, milling and gear cutting) were carried out once as preliminary and then again as finishing steps.

GearTec AG is currently able to process girth gears with a diameter of up to 4000 mm.

by GearTec AG

We have once again been able to produce several furnace/mill pinions for a large German plant manufacturer.

This time, at the request of our customer, the pinions were delivered without shafts because they are spare parts.

The pinions in module 28 and module 30, made of 30CrNiMo8+QT, were finish ground to gear quality 5 after gear milling.

by GearTec AG

For several customers we've designed and manufactured different crane gearboxes (as 1:1 replacements) for old gearboxes.

Here are a few examples of our hoisting and traveling gearboxes with nominal power from 20 kW up to 132 kW:

Hoisting gearbox MS013C44:
Power 132 kW; Input speed 1000 rpm; Ratio 1:44

Traveling gearbox MS003C19:
Power 29 kW; Input speed 1000 rpm; Ratio 1:19

Traveling gearbox MS003D16:
Power 30 kW; Input speed 750 rpm; Ratio 1:16

Traveling gearbox MS002C30:
Power 20 kW; Input speed 1000 rpm; Ratio 1:30

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