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Kiln gearbox MS030DB4/01

In March 2020, the test run of our kiln gearbox MS030DB4/01 was successfully carried out in the presence of the customer.

The gearbox from the GearTec plant in Magdeburg is intended as the main drive for a rotary kiln. Our modern construction methods enable us to replace the old kiln gearbox of the type A2900, with a weight of 47,000 kg, with our modern kiln gearbox MS030DB4/01, with a weight of 15,600 kg.

In addition to the gearbox, we also designed the oil supply system and an adapter frame and delivered it together with the gearbox.

The kiln gearbox is equipped with our Condition Monitoring System: GearView (Silver), which ensures continuous monitoring of operating parameters such as temperature, pressure and vibrations, as well as filter contamination.

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