The group at a glance

Geartec AG

MDM Megadrive

We specialize in large and special gearboxes for a wide range of industries!

We offer our customers sophisticated and tailormade solutions ranging from development and engineering through manufacture and testing to assembly and commissioning on site. Our assembly teams are deployed around the world for our customers.

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GTD Dessau

The company GTD is now one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of large and special gearboxes. Our team of specialists offers services long before the production stage – they can help with planning and offer advice, as well as develop the most cost-effective solution, and they support our customers for the entire life of the product.

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HTD Dessau

Heat treatment for machine construction, massive forming and casting, including hired labor

  • Program-controlled heat treatment systems including abrasive blast cleaning
  • Case hardening up to 6 mm CHD, tempering, isothermal annealing, spheroidite annealing, ferrite perlite annealing, annealing to a certain hardness, standardization and stress relief annealing for a component size up to 2000 mm and a component weight of 6000 kg
  • Vacuum nitration up to 0.7 NHT and a component weight up to 600 kg
  • including mechanical and metallographic component testing and certification

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Dessau iron & steel casting

Stahlguss Dessau GmbH manufactures parts from gray cast iron, ductile graphite iron and cast steel for the wind power-, turbine-, mechanical engineering-, shipbuilding- and gearbox manufacturing industry.

We use the latest medium-frequency induction crucible furnace systems to produce high quality laminar and spherulitic graphite iron cast parts.

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Bröhl - Offshore und Marinetechnik GmbH

Since 1885, the BRÖHL engineering works has stood for professional, high quality and innovative machine construction. Originally specializing in gas and petrol engines, the focus has shifted over the decades to machinery for ship engineering. Today it has three manufacturing facilities with state-of-the-art machinery in Brohl am Rhein in Germany, between Bonn and Koblenz. But the main reason for the company’s success is its team consisting of experienced and motivated engineers, technicians and highly skilled workers.

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GTM Magdeburg

Established in 2010 in Barleben, the company offers engineering expertise and creativity as well as a high standard of production and quality assurance and precision processing of the products.

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