Cement industry

We manufacture gearboxes for the following industrial segment

The gearboxes we develop and manufacture are specifically designed for the harsh conditions in cement works. Our cement industry gearboxes are durable and easy to maintain, while also being relatively lightweight.

We already have suitable replacement solutions for a range of older mill and kiln gearboxes by other manufacturers. We use the existing foundation and adapt our gearboxes to the type of installation using adapter frames. This enables us to convert the entire drive train, right through to the work machine, in just a few days.

Mill gearboxes

Robust and reliable: Each of our mill gearboxes is designed for years of permanent use with minimal maintenance intervals. Due to our long-standing activity in this transmission sector, we have ready-made solutions for various mill sizes. ...

Kiln and dryer gearboxes

Low speeds and maximum torque: we develop and manufacture powerful, reliable kiln gearboxes for rotary kilns of all different dimensions. We also have a range of adaptive replacement solutions for older kiln gearboxes by other ...