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Low-vibration at maximum speed: our turbo spur wheel and turbo planetary gearboxes for fast running work machines (turbines, compressors, generators, etc.) are subject to the most stringent quality standards during their design and manufacture. Outputs up to 30 MW and speeds beyond 10,000 rpm are no problem for us!

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Turbo planetary gearboxes

Turbo planetary gearboxes are manufactured as type A and B in eight sizes. Type A features a rotating planetary carrier, and the output shaft and drive shaft rotate in the same direction. Type B has a fixed planetary carrier and the output ...

Turbo spur wheel gearboxes

The turbo spur wheel gearbox series includes gearboxes with center distance ranging from a = 160 mm to 800 mm. The center distance is standardized according to standard numbers. Transmission ratio ranges from i = 1 to i = 8. Greater center ...