Rotation and slewing gearboxes

Gearboxes for mobile systems

High performance and compact design


  • High transmission ratio with relatively small outer diameter
  • Efficient modular design
  • Flexible configurations
  • Long life cycle with minimal maintenance
  • Quick and easy installation in device
  • Quiet
  • Highly compatible with mounting parts
  • Hardened and (on request) ground pinions

Design description

Our rotation and slewing gearboxes are made up of modules from a tried and tested assembly system. The planetary kits are also used in integrated winch and industrial gearboxes and are therefore very economical to manufacture.

The rotation and slewing gearboxes can be used in various models for a wide range of applications. The installation dimensions and transmission ratios, and in particular the flange and lantern pinion models, are all variable. Both the rotation and slewing gearboxes can be designed with a short or long lantern pinion to suit the type of installation.

Other mounting parts such as ancillary gearboxes, torque measuring arms, brakes and clutches can be supplied at the customer’s request.

Technical data

  • Maximum dynamic output torques: TII = 3,000 Nm – 600,000 Nm
  • Maximum static output torques: TIII = 4,500 Nm – 1,000,000 Nm
  • Transmission ratios from i=18 to i=4000
  • Pinions or pinion shafts up to module 50