Kneading and mixing technology

We manufacture gearboxes for the following industrial segment

Our mixing and kneading gearboxes are particularly powerful and robust when it comes to both providing the necessary torque for mixing and kneading and withstanding the prolonged backpressure, especially with highly viscous media. Of course, we also develop and manufacture adaptive replacement solutions for older gearboxes and can assist you with maintenance, servicing and repairs.

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Mr. Christoph Krossing

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Mixer gearboxes

Our mixer gearboxes (spur wheel gearboxes with dual output shaft) are specially designed for the respective use and type of installation. Both the distance between the two output shafts and the overall axis spacing are variable. The ...

Agitator gearboxes

Our agitator gearboxes are specially designed for the respective use and the type of installation. Planetary gearbox models, bevel helical gearbox with vertical mounted spur wheels and even combinations of these are possible. The possible ...