Agitator gearboxes for polypropylene reactors

Kneading and mixing technology

Our agitator drives for polypropylene reactors are designed to transmit maximum torques whilst absorbing the axial forces generated from the mixing process. The drive train is divided into two gearboxes to reduce the weight load on the vessel flange. A cardan shaft transmits the torque between the gearboxes suspended on the vessel and those standing on the base. Various drive options are available to adapt the agitator drive speed to the variable processes. Change gears are used in the gearbox of drive motors with a fixed speed. In this case the gearbox is driven by the master engine using a starting coupling. The auxiliary drive for starting up (or emergency operation of) the agitator is connected to the second drive spigot of the gearbox by means of an overrunning clutch.

Frequency-controlled engines do not feature change gears. The starting coupling can be replaced with an elastic coupling in this case. An auxiliary drive is not required to start up the agitator.

The gearboxes are fitted with a reinforced output shaft bearing to be able to absorb the axial and radial forces from the agitator. The seal between the gears and vessel takes the form of a face seal. The seal can be changed quickly without having to dismantle the agitator unit thanks to a plug-in shaft which moves axially by means of a hydraulic cylinder.

Version with planetary gearboxes

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