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Anchor windlasses, mooring winches, chain stoppers and more

Electric or hydraulic anchor windlasses and mooring winches for maritime vessels have been a trusted part of our standard range for over 50 years.

Which includes:

  • Anchor windlasses
  • Combined anchor windlasses and mooring winches
  • Mooring winches with and without constant traction
  • Chain stoppers
  • Anchor capstans
  • Mooring capstans

The following drives types are available

  • AC pole changing
  • AC frequency converter drive
  • Medium and high pressure hydraulics (nominal pressure 110-260 bar)

Anchor windlasses and mooring winches

Our anchor windlasses and mooring winches come in a robust welded steel design. The spur gears are splash lubricated. All of the shafts are fitted with roller bearings, with the rope drum and the chain disk running in high quality bronze bushings.

The winches can be supplied with an integrated bolt-on base on request. This saves the cost of building a base frame at the shipyard.

The rope drum and chain disk are detachable and can be stopped/held in position using a band brake, which can be operated either manually or hydraulically (optional).

  • Chain size: 30 mm to 137 mm K3
  • Traction (rope drum): 50 to 300kN

Chain stoppers

Our chain stoppers are designed to withstand a force equivalent to 100 percent of the chain breaking load.

Mechanical or hydraulic clamps are integrated into the function of the chain stopper