Slipway systems, ship lifts and transfer systems

Marine and offshore technology, shipbuilding, shipyard industry

With decades of experience working with shipyards, ports and naval bases across the world, we have developed a wide range of maritime systems for dry docks and the transfer of ships and various types of sections.

We supply products and services for all phases of the implementation of maritime systems:

  • Advice
  • Engineering
  • Manufacture
  • Assembly
  • Commissioning
  • After-sales service

Dry dock equipment

We have gathered experience of dry dock equipment from around 80 national and international projects.

Ship lifts

Electric winches lift and lower the platform as a docking base for ships. Ship lifts can take the form of pier or pit structures with end or side transfer.

Slipway systems

Rail-mounted carriages are pulled along a slope longways or crossways using one or more winches.

Single-tiered transfer systems

Transfer operations are performed on a continuous level, either using rail-mounted hydraulic bogies or rubber-tired multi-axle transporters.

Two-tiered transfer systems

Rail-mounted keel carriages transfer the ship from the platform to a side transfer carriage in a pit to reach the parking and repair areas at shipyard level.

Shunting systems

Transfer systems can also be moved using separate shunting systems, for example mobile winches, stationary winches or hydro-mechanical linear catchers.

Dry dock equipment

Dock gate winches, inhaul winches or capstans with suitable rope guide systems are used to position floating ships. Electric or hydraulic keel blocks are provided to stabilize the dock maneuver.