Offshore Equipment

Marine and offshore technology, shipbuilding, shipyard industry

We specialize in meeting the heavy duty demands of the offshore industry. Our offshore equipment consists of technically sophisticated solutions.


Our winches are designed to withstand 100 percent of the chain or rope break load (MBL). They come equipped with the drive best suited to the respective use:

  • ariable frequency drives DOL/VFD
  • Direct current drives DC/VCR
  • High pressure hydraulic drives for connection to an onboard ring system

Our range of products includes the following offshore equipment:

  • Rope anchor windlasses
  • Anchor windlasses
  • Friction winches
  • Storage winches
  • Towing winches
  • A&R winches
  • Pipe-laying winches
  • Crane winches
  • Cable pulley devices

Deflection pulleys (Fairleaders)

Our rope and chain fairleaders are compact, maintenance-free welded steel structures and, just like our winches, are designed with safety in mind when it comes to the chain or rope forces.

Chain hoists

Horizontal and vertical solutions are possible with our “Push Design Concept”, which uses two main hydraulic cylinders to drive a mechanical gripping block housed in a compact frame. All of the solutions are equipped with static and dynamic load monitoring systems as well as a chain length measuring system, which works independently of the stroke of the cylinder.

Pipe-laying davits

We offer state-of-the-art winch-powered davit systems, which are fitted in a common frame with optional swivel head as well as load and rope length measurement technology. The davits can be used either as a separate unit or in conjunction with others to ensure controlled hoisting of the pipe with regard to its critical bend radius.