Propeller and generator gears (marine gears)

Marine and offshore technology, shipbuilding, shipyard industry

Our tradition of manufacturing propeller gearboxes and generator gearboxes (marine gearboxes) spans more than 50 years. Each and every project aims to deliver maximum quality and precision taking into account all of the customer’s specific requirements. We have supplied approximately 7000 gearboxes which comply with the regulations of various certification bodies.

Our product range includes:

  • Single-engine gearboxes (GVE, GHE)
  • Twin marine gearboxes (multi-engine gears) twin-in / single-out (GHD)
  • Generator gearboxes (tunnel gears GDG)
  • Front end gearboxes (STG)
  • Reverse reduction gearboxes (MS, SW, SWGK)
  • Marine auxiliary drives

Our gearboxes are used right across the world, e.g. as main drives for freight and passenger ships as well as auxiliary drives such as generator systems.

We also develop and manufacture gearboxes for the following areas


• Cutter gearboxes
• Dredge pump gearboxes (D1, D2)
• Winches for dredgers

Gearboxes for mobile systems

Winch gearboxes for the onshore and offshore segment

Your advantages

  • Customized solution
  • End-to-end service: from the design, manufacture, testing and commissioning at your premises to after-Sales- service (maintenance/servicing/repairs) - all from one company
  • Fast, direct consultation with experienced project teams
  • Regular status updates during the production of your gearboxes
  • Remote gearbox maintenance with our Condition Monitoring System: GearView