Winches for dredgers

Marine and offshore technology, shipbuilding, shipyard industry

Our special dredger winches can be found on the world’s biggest seagoing dredgers and barges.

Our product range includes:

  • Cutter gearboxes
  • Dredge pump gearboxes (D1, D2)
  • Winches for dredgers

Your advantages

  • Customized solution
  • End-to-end service: from the design, manufacture, testing and commissioning at your premises to after-Sales- service (maintenance/servicing/repairs) - all from one company
  • Fast, direct consultation with experienced project teams
  • Regular status updates during the production of your gearboxes
  • Remote gearbox maintenance with our Condition Monitoring System: GearView

We adapt our dredger winches to every dredger type:

• Trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHD)
• Cutter suction dredgers (CSD)
• Grab and profile dredgers

Our product range includes the following winch types

For trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHD)

  • Draghead winches
  • Intermediate winches
  • Trunnion winches
  • Bow connection winches

For cutter suction dredgers (CSD)

  • Ladder winches
  • Side-wire winches
  • Jib winches
  • Anchor hoisting winches
  • Post-hoisting winches
  • Nautical winches

For all dredger types

  • Fairleaders
  • Deflection pulleys

Top quality engineering in shipbuilding

The dredger winches are built to withstand extreme working demands and 24/7 operation.

All of the products come with heavy duty spur wheel gearbox with forced-feed lubrication and are mounted in high quality roller bearings. The gears are made of quenched and tempered steel and can be supplied hardened and ground if necessary.

The gear housing is a welded steel structure. Depending on the use, spiral grooves on the rope drum guarantee the durability of the rope. LEBUS grooves are also available as an option.