Raw material and mining industry

We manufacture gearboxes for the following industrial segment

Constant system availability in the harshest operating conditions: our gearboxes for the raw material and mining industry are designed and manufactured for these special operational conditions in close cooperation with our customers. Our gearboxes are durable and easy to maintain, while also being relatively lightweight.

Crusher gearboxes, bucket wheel and bucket chain gearboxes, kiln and dryer gearboxes, tunnel boring machine gearboxes.

Crusher gearboxes

Our crusher gearboxes are specifically adapted to the special operational conditions of the industry. Spur gear, bevel spur gear and even planetary gear models are all possible. Depending on the space available, two individual gearboxes or ...

Kiln and dryer gearboxes

Low speeds and maximum torque: we develop and manufacture powerful, reliable kiln gearboxes for rotary kilns of all different dimensions. We also have a range of adaptive replacement solutions for older kiln gearboxes by other ...

Gearboxes for use underground

Shock-proof and impact-resistant: we develop and manufacture main drives for highly stressed drilling heads on tunnel boring machines. Our gearboxes power drilling heads which cut holes of up to 12m in diameter through earth and boulders. ...