Rolling mill technology and metallurgy

We manufacture gearboxes for the following industrial segment

We have the right solutions for this harsh industrial segment too. Coiler and Reel gearboxes, pinion gearboxes, diver gearboxes, straightening machine gearboxes, mill and dryer gearboxes, scissor gearboxes, roller conveyor gearboxes and transfer gearboxes - all from our one-stop shop!

Of course, we also develop and manufacture adaptive replacement solutions for older gearboxes and can assist you with maintenance, servicing and repairs.

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Mr. Dirk Fahlbusch

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Mill gearboxes

Robust and reliable: Each of our mill gearboxes is designed for years of permanent use with minimal maintenance intervals. Due to our long-standing activity in this transmission sector, we have ready-made solutions for various mill sizes. ...

Straightening machine gearboxes

Custom-made gearboxes: our straightening machine gearboxes are designed, engineered and manufactured according to the respective use (continuous or oscillating system) and your requirements (e.g. number and axle spacing of output shafts, ...

Scissor gearboxes

Our scissor gearboxes are specially designed, engineered and manufactured to meet your requirements, taking into account the respective use and material to be cut (copper, aluminum or steel). ...

Roller conveyor gearboxes

We have many years of experience manufacturing all kinds of roller conveyor gearboxes for a wide range of national and international customers in the field of rolling mill technology and metallurgy. ...