GearTec AG Condition Monitoring System

GearView helps you to optimize maintenance intervals, minimize downtime and thus protect your drive from unscheduled outages and damage.

GearTec AG Condition Monitoring System: GearView includes

  • Temperature monitoring of bearings
  • Vibration monitoring of input and output shaft
  • Speed monitoring
  • -Oil temperature and oil pressure monitoring at oil inlet from the oil station into the gearbox
  • Oil contamination monitor (e.g. grit, metallic particles, water in oil)
  • Automatic, independent evaluation of operating parameters
  • If the set limit values are exceeded, warnings are automatically sent to the customer and to us so that action can be taken accordingly.
  • Data can be transferred both via a LAN connection and UMTS/LTE (mobile radio) connection.
    • The advantage of a UMTS/LTE (mobile data) connection is that there is no need for connection to the customer’s LAN network, which means that an external connection does not need to be integrated in the customer’s network (separate systems).
    • The UMTS/LTE connection is ideal for mobile systems so that non-stationary gearboxes can also be monitored.
  • All measuring data is stored permanently on a GearTec AG server.
  • Clear display of operating parameters on a dashboard, which can be accessed by the customer using an internet link.

GearView offers various levels of monitoring (Bronze, Silver, Gold) depending on the desired scope.